The drug is minoxidil.

The drug minoxidil is a drug for hair, more precisely for hair loss, it is very effective, but the sooner you start using it, the faster the process of hair loss will stop. And the process of androgenic alopecia will stop, this method is effective. Minoxidil reviews of men using this drug are very positive reviews, this tool is more intended for the general growth of thick hair and a significant slowdown in hair loss. Minoxidil for men was produced for the total treatment of individual hypertension and was intended for oral individual administration.

Minoxidil for hair was also priced at a fixed price. But, after oral oral administration, minor side effects began to appear, hair growth arose throughout the body, but this was immediately stopped and now the drug causes healthy hair growth, only in the area of ​​its application. Minoxidil includes the best anti-hair loss vitamins synthesized by components based on drugs « Spectral – DNS », « Sogain », « Rogain », « Pilfood », « Cosilon drug », « Spectral DNS-L » and others. The advantage of this drug is that it has no effect on the hormonal system, the drug is antiandrogenic.

The fact is that this drug affects only a significant thickening of the bulbs, which provokes their recovery and the growth of direct hair. And, as you know, this reduces not only their thickening, but also the intensity of their loss, even contributes to their increase.

Minoxidil is a crystalline substance, it can dissolve in water, it also has a direct effect on the human hormonal fund. Minoxidil is an inactive component, but stable. It acts on hair follicles. Such a transformation can occur only with the participation of sulfates, which are directly contained in the stem follicles of male hair. Preparations containing minoxidil are indicated for men with alopecia and for women when problems arise with hair near the parting.

It is used externally and treats mainly the symptoms, not the consequences. The cause of alopecia is the excessive susceptibility of individual hair follicles to dihydrotestosterone, it only affects the cellular structure. Minoxidil relaxes all blood vessels and significantly increases blood flow to the hair follicles, so the loss stops.